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June 5, 2012
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Ashley POV

I sighed in happiness as Andy rolled over, making room for me on the couch. Climbing on, I laid down and slipped my arms around him. As my body pressed against him, I expected him to flinch away, but instead he pressed himself into me more. I smiled into his back. Maybe things would go back to normal, quicker than I thought...


A weird sensation on my neck brought me slowly out of my slumber. It felt like someone was...kissing my neck. Another tingling kiss was planted on my neck. I moaned involuntary, and snapped my eyes up to see what it was. Andy was faced towards me, his eyes wide. He'd obviously just pulled away from my neck, and was panting. I stretched out an arm to stroke his hair.
"Andy? What was that all about?"
"I-I don't know... I just had the b-biggest urge t-to do that. I-I'm sorry Ashley for messing you about." He stuttered the whole way through each sentence, holding back tears. I didn't think, I just pulled him into a tight embrace, feeling his hands clutch a my shirt on my back.
"Its okay Andy. Shh, don't be upset. I'm not exactly objecting!" I chuckled the last bit, but stopped when I saw he wasn't smiling. Andy nodded, but he seemed to be distracted.
"Whats bothering you?"
"Nothing..." I knew that face all to well.
"Andy, I know that face, and, right now, I know you better than you know yourself. Meaning I know when something bothering you." He sniffed, before looking up at me.
"Well, I-I wasn't j-just st-stabbed that night... after he... stabbed me... he sorta...h-he...Ash it w-was horrible! I c-couldn't fight back, he'd st-tabbed me so I couldn't do anything to p-protect myself, but I was still...conscious... it.. it was disgusting!" He broke down into tears. I rubbed his back, trying to calm him down enough to speak.
"What else happened Andy? Tell me. I promise I won't say anything if you don't want, but you have to tell me." He sucked in a deep breath, then said:
"Ashy, its... its not how I wanted to lose my virginity..." and with that, he broke down into a fresh bout of tears. I tried to stay calm, muttering comforting words to him, and stroking the back of his head while he cried his heart out on to my chest.
"Its okay. Its okay. I promise they won't ever hurt you againBUt I couldn't deny the anger bubbling up inside. Who dared to touch my precious Andy? Who the fuck?! I continued to stroke his hair, but this time I was really angry. Angrier than when we'd found him in the hospital. Angrier than when someone told me the possible reason why he was in the hospital. That had scared me half-to-death. I thought he was gonna die. And if he died, I don't know what I would've done. No one could take my baby's life away. No-one.
By now, Andy had pretty much stopped crying and was now hugging me tight. I hugged him for a bit longer, until he pulled away. He then wiped his eyes and looked up at me expectantly.
"feeling better?" He nodded. "Good."
"Hungry?" He shook his head, but his stomach gave a betraying rumble. He glared at his stomach, then looked back guiltily.
"C'mon, Andy, I know your hungry. You haven't eaten in almost two days. And your skinny as fuck." He stood up, and walked to the kitchen with me. As we were walking, I felt his hand slide into mine. I smiled to myself.
Once we reached the counter I leaned over and grabbed some slices of bread, and put them in a toaster. When I heard the little ping, I got andy's Skippy jar out of the cupboard and spread some of the stuff over his toast. I know he won't be able to resist it. I spread some jam on mine then placed the plates on our oversized table.
Andy walked over, pulled a chair out and sat down, staring at the food.
I sat and began to eat mine, watching him the whole time. SLowly but surely, he took a piece in his hands and bit into it. I could ee he enjoyed it because he ate the whole slice. He even started at the next. Smirking to myself, I stopped watching him and carried on with my own. Ashley getting Andy to eat food: 1 Andy not eating: 0!
"what does this make us?" he asked suddenly.
"What do you mean?"
"well, I don't know you, but I have an odd attraction to you. Like, I think I love you, but I don't know how, since In this mind, I've technically only known you for a few days. And then you kissed me, and I ran away, But I liked it. Then we hugged, and I sorta kissed you this morning and...argh! Its all just so confusing!" He put his head on the table.
"Well, It makes us what ever you want us to be." he lifted his head again.
"Well, I kinda love you but... I don't know. Am I your boyfriend now, or? It just all seems so fast!"
"well, do-do you want to be my boyfriend?" This all felt so weird. Asking the man whom I was engaged to, the man I live in a house with, the man- and I'm gonna put this bluntly- I've fucked more than a few times, to be my boyfriend.
"Um...well..." He fiddled with his hair, looking down at the table, "yeah... I guess." I tried to keep calm, but inside I was jumping for joy. I hope Andy doesn't regret it though.
"yes...really" This time he said it more certainly. I jumped up and hugged him. He stiffened, but then hugged me back. Pulling a chair up, I sat down.
"But I wanna take it slow, Ash, I still don't know you very well." I nodded, understanding.
"What can we do?"
"Well...I guess we can cuddle...and I don't mind sleeping in the same bed as you...we can kiss and stuff... but no further...not yet..." He looked down embarrassed.
"Well, can I get a kiss now?" I smirked.
"Y-yeah." he blushed even more. I leaned down, holding his chin, and our lips met.  As he relaxed a little bit, he got more into the kiss. My fingers found their way into his hair and he crept onto my lap. When we pulled away, Andy was panting.
"that-that was..." he trailed off
"that was wonderful, baby- can I call you baby?" He nodded again. He blushed even more as he noticed he'd climbed onto my lap. I was holding his waist.
"Y-you don't mind?"
"Of course not. Its not exactly the worst we've done!" I winked at him "Its more if you mind!"
"n-no. But can we put on some music? I feel like...Motley Crue." I raised an eyebrow at the fact that he knew them, but didn't question it. Sliding him off my lap, I sauntered over to the music player, putting in a CD, then turning the music up loud. I then walked back to Andy, pecking him on the lips and whisking our plates away. I was in a good mood, and I knew today was gonna be a good day.

I just knew it.
okay Chapter 9 of my collab with the wonderful :icongothicvampyre333: "Andley: Who are you?" enjoy!! this chapter was hopefully better than my last chapter (chapter 7) and hopefully met chapter 8's standard! ^^ so enjoy! I finally moved andy and ashleys relationship on a bit! Comment and tell me what you think!
I haven not proof-read this. In fact, I always forget then can't make changes! meerrr! so anyways, comment and such!!
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